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    Apr 2010


    Daddy Zeus

    Jimmy Dean

    Bondage  Cock Bondage
    Nudity  Hard-Ons
    Sex  Cumshots
    Sports  Bodybuilders
    $29.00 Order Now!

    Of all the athlete models, bodybuilders, strip dancers, and wrestlers in the Can-Am stud stable, the four hottest, most popular, most spectacular of them all are Jimmy Dean, Beau Hopkins, Johnny Lightning, and Paul Perris. As you know, Can-Am produces specialty wrestling / bondage videos with Zeus Studios. In addition to these co-productions, Zeus has produced strictly bondage videos individually starring Can-Am superstars Dean, Hopkins, Lightning, and Perris. Since we all know pro-style gay wrestling is body bondage without ropes, we thought you`d get off on seeing these four truly spectacular heartbreakers stripped naked, bound and gagged bare-assed in jack-off bondage by Zeus.

    Each of these bodybeautifuls sweat, stretch, struggle, strain, and suffer in a salacious series of absolutely eye-popping body display bondage positions by the masters of the art form. Thanks to a special video packaging arrangement with Zeus, you can choose your personal favorite musclestud in his individual bondage endurance session for $29 bucks each. Or all four musclehunk solo sessions for $99 bucks. Whether you`re already a muscle bondage fan, or never seen body-display bondage, your dicks are going to thank you for popping (pun intended) $29 bucks for the bondage stud of your choice, or just $99 bucks for the Dean / Hopkins / Lightning / Perris four-session meat-beater bondage pak.

    Gentlemen, the bodies don`t get better, the cum shots don`t get hotter, and these special offer prices will not go lower. ((Note: There is no cum shot for the Paul Perris session)) This deal is as hot as Jimmy Dean, Beau Hopkins, Johnny Lightning, and Paul Perris combined. Are you man enough to handle all four?

    PRODUCERS STATEMENT: Nonconsensual sex is rape. Nonconsensual B&D is torture. Can-Am, Challenger, and Zeus denounce rape and torture. Can-Am, Challenger, and Zeus do no business with or for women and minors. All Can-Am, Challenger, and Zeus videos are safe sane consensual B&D performance art fantasies discussed, consented to (in writing and videotaped), rehearsed, and performed by adult actor / models specifically for adult gay sonsenting males. Play safe. CAN-AM PRODUCTIONS and ZEUS STUDIOS.

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